Adventures in 3D, The Beginning

It all started in the pub. It almost always starts in the pub.

Bruce and I got talking about 3D printing. Nothing special I guess, everyone’s getting excited about 3D printing, even Obama. Well, I’ve been following the developments in 3D scanning and printing and I’ve been itching to have a play with the technology for some time.

So why is this meeting different? Well, you see, Bruce is a sculptor. Actually a very good sculptor.

He makes cool stuff for cool movies.

He made this:

Troy Horse



And this:


Who better than Bruce to create something unique that we can scan and print? We decided then and there that we should combine my technologist head with his artistry and make something interesting.

So began our adventures in 3D.

A bit of research pointed me to makerscanner. It’s an open source 3D scanner that uses a webcam, a laser and some software to render point clouds. So with my trusty laptop tucked under my arm we headed to Bruce’s batcave on a cold snowy evening and tried to rig something up.

The next episode in this series will tell you how we got on.